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Who are we?
Heritagecoin Resources Limited (HRL) was founded in June 2018 by Zambians and Crypto-experts. The business professionals came together with a sole purpose of creating business model in digital currency financing, real estate development and other financial advisory services. The partnership provides a platform where you have complete control over your income. The concept is very simple; our partners are entitled to daily earning of 1.6% guaranteeing a payout of 38% after service charge. Maturity period is 25 working days. With the government’s effort to create job and business opportunities, HRL is here to supplement government’s effort in creating jobs and boosting wealth realisation.

Heritagecoin Resources Limited is a private limited Company incorporated in Zambia whose registration number is 120180005022. The company’s responsibility is to introduce the public to the cutting-edge innovation in the world of crypto-currency. HRL is 75% Zambian owned and 25% foreign.

"To ensure 15% of Zambia’s population realizes maximum benefits in their investments with us by 2020".

1. To empower the quality of lives.
2. To offer services that allow earnings at very low cost.
3. To drastically reduce the expenses such as school fees, rentals, etc.
4. To ensure that 15% of Zambia’s population crosses the poverty threshold by 2020.

It starts with our people.
Our behavior is based on our shared values, which guides our actions and the way we make decisions. They describe who we are. We unite everything we say and do through our positioning, which explains what makes us different, and why that matters . The quality of our services starts with the quality of our people. By providing our people with the most appropriate professional and personal development opportunities, we equip them to help our clients reach their business goals, meet the demands of their investors and compete more effectivel y.

1. The company is covered under comprehensive insurance policies.
2. We have physical interface dealings with our partners.
3. We are Tax abiding.
4. We provide a safer platform in introducing Zambia to the next level of doing business.
5. By utilizing actuaries, we stay on top of the game.

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